What is Gratitude? 

Gratitude is the highest state of consciousness. It brings us back to the present moment, and it creates an egoless space.

It is a state in which we have an understanding that everything is as it should be. When we can accept that and at the same time stand in Gratitude for it, we begin to manifest peace and love.

It is the foundation of all abundance.

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About us!

GRATITUDE  is movement. A declaration that everyone awakens to who they authentically are and, as a result, becomes an expression of peace in the world. 

We are committed to inspire, create and transform a new generation of change makers that are willing to give whatever it takes to make this world a better place. 

Our Essence

We have a vision that inspire us...

Awaken the Planet.

Maximize joy.

Actualize peace.  

How we do it

Your path toward gratitude may look completely different, so we invite you to look at different ways that will support you in your personal quest to create peace, joy and abundance.


Jo Englesson is the founder and the creative force behind Gratitude and TOFA (Token of Appreciation). She is a light in this world, and her charisma and loving heart is a catalyst for change and the context for a transformed world now.


Jo’s title on her business card is “Creative Peacemaker.” She explains that there are many creative ways to reach peace on the planet.  When we all get that we have the power to make that difference individually and we authentically take that on, there will be a paradigm shift in the mass consciousness, and peace will be inevitable.


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