Upload any logo, image, photo, pattern or message and we will create the custom masks for you. 

We service businesses as well as individuals that want their message promoted to the world!

We are all anxious to get back to normal, whether it’s going back to work, sending the kids to school, going to the gym, or attending a concert. 


What’s looming in the near future, however, is what is being called “the new normal”. This new normal may look different at different stages as the world scramble to come up with a COVID-19 vaccine, wide spread testing, and other means to fight this pandemic. 


What seems certain at this point, is that social distancing, washing our hands regularly, and the use of face coverings will be what we, as individuals and business owners, will be adhering to in order to protect ourselves, loved ones, employees, customers and our healthcare workers. 


As a business owner of an organization that offers medium size, in-person, personal development workshops, I am clear that when the day comes where we are allowed to conduct trainings again, it will be a slow, mediated and deliberate process. 


To assure our employees and customers know we care and are responsible, procedures and supplies have to be in place. For me, that means proper signage,  education, plenty of disinfectants, and access to face coverings. 


FAU recently conducted a study on the difference in the distance and spread droplets travels when a person coughs. It showed a significant reduction when the person was wearing a face covering. 


To support business owners in being socially responsible, and simultaneously promote their brand, we have designed several face coverings that can all be custom printed.


Our custom printed masks are perfect for:


  • Individuals 

  • Office environment 

  • Service businesses

  • Event organizers

  • Schools and daycare

  • Gyms

  • Yoga studios

  • Recovery centers

  • Pretty much anywhere where there is still a significant risk that the Coronavirus (and any other viruses) are being spread. 


If you have a customer base that take pride in your brand, these “walking advertisements” will quickly recoup your costs and increase your reach. 


From the least expensive 1-ply cutout masks or buffs, to the hand sewn 2-ply face masks with a pocket for a filter, we can supply your company with quality, branded, coverings throughout the road back to the “old normal.”



All prints are in full color. We can print photos.