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9 Tips to Get You Back on Track

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Question from a client... I’m struggling with financial stress, overwhelm, and lack of inspiration, and I want to be abundant, excited, and make a big impact…Can you give me some advice?”

I know! Quite a question! But I am sure you can relate, if not to all of it, at least some of it.

Here are 9 TIPS to get you back on track:

  1. Cultivate gratitude as your superpower. Gratitude is the foundation of Abundance.

  2. Do less and be more. Awareness of your own being is the key to freedom, success, joy and excitement.

  3. Be in service to humanity and share your gifts with the world.

  4. Access enormous personal power by being responsible for EVERYTHING.

  5. Be authentic. Allow the observer choose your most effective way of being in any situation.

  6. Lead with compassion and joy.

  7. Be your word. It’s all you really have.

  8. Minimize distractions and sharpen your mind.

  9. Join an authentic and honest community willing to give you feedback and hold you accountable.

BONUS.... 10. Sign up for my free introduction course to [re] WIRED for Peace at

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