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Updated: Oct 5

In a transformational context, ‘box’ refers to the experience we have, and the constraints we place on ourselves, due to our limited worldview. This limited worldview is made up of our thoughts in the form of beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, habits, and memories.

When we are in our box we are in our Comfort Zone, experiencing comfort and safety. Our box is what we’re 'used to' and what we automatically gravitate towards, even when it limits possibilities and does not serve our desires, commitments or vision.

Thinking or living outside the box, however, means challenging and transcending these limitations, which requires us to engage in new thoughts, experiences and actions that expand our awareness and create new possibilities.

Since our box is made up of our thoughts, we cannot break free from the box by merely changing our thoughts; we must be willing to experience our way out by taking risks, embracing uncertainty, and confronting our fears.

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