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Love - Transformational Distinctions

Love in a transformational context surpasses mere affection. It is not simply an emotional state but the fundamental essence of our existence and an inherent state of being. While love is always present, we must consciously choose to embody it in order to promote peace, connection, and unity.

When we adopt this perspective and cultivate love, we can transcend personal attachments and experience the interconnectedness and oneness of all existence. Love is a benevolent and reverent affection that connects us to the divine and embraces all beings.

In this context, love and fear are considered opposites that operate within different paradigms in our minds. We have the choice to operate from either fear or love, each creating different results. However, there exists a deeper, all-encompassing love that serves as the foundation of creation. This love surpasses even the love that we perceive as the opposite of fear. It is a transformative force that enables us to rise above fear, scarcity, ignorance, and separation and instead align with the natural abundant state of the universe and consciously choose the context in which we live.

In the [re]WIRED for Peace training, we emphasize that a context of love promotes peace on the planet, while a context of fear generates conflict, scarcity, and ultimately war. We assert that if you are engaged in 'war-ing' in your life, you contribute, through our interconnectedness, to war in the world. Similarly, if you operate from love, choosing abundance, acceptance, and oneness as your guiding principles, you contribute to peace.

What would love do - rewired for peace

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