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Being Right/Righteousness - Transformational Distinctions

"Being right" refers to the need to validate and affirm our opinions, beliefs, and actions to establish a sense of self-worth and superiority over others. In the context of transformation, this need becomes a prominent survival strategy, often leading us to impose our beliefs on others.

This mindset of "being right" fuels conflicts, arguments, crimes, punishments, and even wars, as it closes us off to new possibilities and limits our ability to explore different ways of thinking and being. It obstructs personal growth and limits our potential to make a positive impact in the world.

Taking it a step further, righteousness involves a firm commitment to "being right" about something specific or everything. Righteousness often arises from an unwavering and self-righteous devotion to a particular belief system, ideology, or moral code. This deepens our convictions, fosters closed-mindedness towards differing opinions, and leads to frequent judgment and condemnation of others.

To break free from this limiting mindset, we must be willing to let go and open ourselves to new perspectives and possibilities. Embracing openness and surrender enables us to transcend our fixed viewpoints, fostering empathy, collaboration, thriving relationships, and personal growth. By doing so, we can contribute to positive transformation in our personal lives and society as a whole.

We can be right or we can be in relationship - Rewired for Peace

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