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Updated: Apr 25

Distinction Change in a Transformational Context

Change generally refers to making modifications to something, altering its form or nature. Change can be incremental or significant, but it often involves making adjustments to an existing situation or condition.

In a transformational context we look at change as it pertains to our current situation and results. In the drift, we tend to look at what is (or what has been), wanting to alter it and make it ‘More/Better/Different’, thereby creating comparison and a resistance to what is. This resistance tend to keep us stuck in our current state, even if we say we want to change.

Most people come into transformational trainings wanting to change something. Once given the distinct perspectives of change versus transformation they are able to let go of attachments to the past and focus on creating from a clear space of commitment, vision, and declaration.

Change is inevitable but transformation is by conscious choice

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