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Circumstances - Transformational Distinctions

In a transformational context, circumstances are obstacles, reasons, and considerations that hinder, disempower, or completely stop us in life. Rooted in limiting beliefs and past conditioning, these circumstances often trap us in a fixed and limited reality. They trigger past beliefs, limiting our present and future actions. They often feel like impenetrable roadblocks, resigning us to the notion of "it's just the way it is," preventing us from pursuing our heartfelt desires and vision.

From this perspective, circumstances align with psychologists' concept of Premature Cognitive Commitment. It refers to the early assertions we make in our development that shape our perception of the world, leading to fixed conclusions based on past experiences. This puts us on autopilot and limits possibilities, falsely keeping us ‘stuck.’

In transformational trainings like [re] WIRED for Peace, we make the circumstance itself distinct from how we engage with it. When participants find themselves trapped in circumstances, they are asked, "What else is possible?" This inquiry encourages them to question their beliefs, explore beyond the limitations imposed by their circumstances, and open up a space for new possibilities. With awareness, consistent effort, and an open mind, we can create a more empowering and positive relationship with our circumstances.

Circumstance Quote by Jo Englesson

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