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Updated: Oct 5

Creative Context - Transformational Distinctions

The Creative Context, as opposed to the Survival Context, represents a mindset and approach that focuses on personal growth, authenticity, and alignment with one's values and commitments. Unlike the fear-based nature of the Survival Context, driven by the need to be right, look good, feel safe, or be in control, the Creative Context is characterized by openness, courage, trust/surrender, and authenticity. In the [re]WIRED for Peace training, we refer to these as 'creative approaches.'

When we choose to operate within the Creative Context, we break free from the limitations imposed by the survival context. Instead, by choosing to prioritize personal growth and authenticity, we experience a shift in our mindset and perspective that opens up new opportunities for transformation, self-discovery, and the creation of more effective strategies to achieve our goals and, ultimately, our vision.

When you hang out in survival you give up your natural birthright as a creator

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