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Updated: Jul 4

A distinction refers to a word, phrase, or concept that, in a transformational context, has a specific meaning and purpose, opening up space for new perspectives and possibilities in our thinking and actions. Unlike a definition, which sets conceptual limits, a distinction expands our understanding of a topic each time we encounter it. It brings something from the background into the foreground, allowing us to question how we experience the world and look at things from a new perspective. This allows us to choose how we "have it," rather than the "it" having us.

The act of making distinctions and the perspective offered through the Distinct Transformational Dictionary and the transformational trainings offered by creates workability and effectiveness without being the ultimate truth. It opens up a space for questioning and a space to "be with." It allows us to step outside the mental construct of our life, giving us the ability to not only see what our beliefs are but also objectively choose beliefs that will propel us forward. By engaging with distinctions in a playful and open-minded way, we can explore the world from new angles and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and the world.

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