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Expectations - Transformational Distinctions

Expectation is a strong belief that something will happen. In the Drift, it is often advised to avoid having expectations or expecting anything. This perspective stems from a fear of disappointment or failure, leading us to approach life cautiously in order to stay safe and avoid pain.

In the Gratitude Context, however, expectations are seen as a fuel for intention. When we boldly declare our desires and set intentions with the expectation that they will manifest, it accelerates the realization of our dreams, visions, and goals. This perspective also reminds us that our worth is not tied to our results; results are simply neutral information that we can use to refine our context and create desired outcomes.

To embrace this perspective, it is important not to be attached to our results as they unfold in the present moment of our future. By viewing our current results as information rather than labeling them as "good" or "bad," we create space to dare to expect our future goals and desires to manifest. This approach fuels our intention and purpose in approaching life.

Count your chickens before they hatch - Jo Englesson Quote

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