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Updated: Oct 5

Gratitude - Transformational Distinction

Gratitude as a virtue, or distinction, invites us to turn inward to assess how we choose to see the world. When we choose to be grateful for EVERYTHING, we enter an elevated consciousness that naturally filters everything we encounter, internal and external, as perfect, whole and complete. We surrender fully to what is, and choose to be grateful that it is so.

When we begin to trust the design of the whole, we are able to appreciate it on a deeper level. The small nuances of time and place melt away and we are left in the present moment. Whether we are grateful something isn’t so (comparative gratitude), or that it simply just is (state of gratitude), or even grateful that something will be (declarative gratitude), by the mere choice to stand in appreciation, we re-imagine, and as a result, redesign the world we see. THIS is how we create peace on the planet. If humanity mastered this; war, division, and suffering would be a thing of the past.

Trust the design of the whole - Jo Englesson Quote Source Movement Book

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