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Updated: Oct 5

In the Gratitude Context and in the training, [re] WIRED for Peace, Integrity is honoring your word as yourself. This means staying true to who you authentically are, living by your principles, and honoring your commitments. It's about being your word and treating yourself with deep respect. When you act with integrity, you build trust and create the best possible conditions for success.

However, there may be times when you are unable to keep your promises. In these situations, it's important to acknowledge to anyone impacted that you broke your word and take steps to make things right. This might involve letting them know that you couldn't keep your word, providing a timeframe for when you will be able to follow through (if possible), and reconciling any negative impacts your actions may have caused.

Integrity reflects alignment with oneness and wholeness, a principle that is always present in the universe and within us. Adopting the perspective that we're consistently acting with integrity allows for self-reflection and course correction. For example, if we're running late, we might then question what else we were in integrity with and what took priority over being on time. Exploring these questions reveals deeper unconscious commitments, often linked to Survival Strategies like the need to be in control, be safe, be right or to look good (seeking approval). Becoming aware of these underlying beliefs provides an opportunity to redesign them and achieve different results.

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