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Updated: May 10

Payoffs - Transformational Distinction

Payoffs are the perceived rewards or benefits that we get from running our rackets, even if we know that our rackets are not serving us, or may even be harmful. A racket can be described as “My conscious, or unconscious, actionable choice to receive a hidden benefit that is not readily apparent to others or even to myself.”

Payoffs can include things like seeking sympathy or attention, gaining approval or recognition, making excuses, feeling in control, not rocking the boat, manipulating others, avoiding risks, minimizing pain, being right, and maintaining a sense of superiority. And, as such, payoffs come with a cost as they tend to give short-term pleasure, but ultimately lead to long-term pain and suffering for anyone involved.

Essentially, we pay a price for running our rackets; we may sacrifice our peace, authenticity, joy, and healthy relationships in exchange for the temporary relief that our rackets provide.

In [re] WIRED for Peace, and similar transformational trainings, students begin to identify and make distinct the payoffs and the prices of running their rackets. This awareness has them make more conscious and responsible choices about how they show up in the world and relate to others.

Payoffs - Jukebox drama buttons

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