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Racket - Transformational Distinction

A racket is an unproductive pattern of behavior or attitude that arises from a resistance to what is. When we run our racket, we persistently complain and act out our grievances with the ultimate aim of receiving some form of payoff. These payoffs, usually in the form of short-term pleasure but long-term pain, reinforce our behavior.

When we engage in this behavior, we are like racketeers who pretend to be ethical while getting paid under the table. We deceive ourselves and others by pretending to have sincere reasons for our behavior when, in reality, we are driven by the payoff we receive.

Ultimately, this behavior comes with significant costs or prices, including reduced aliveness, connection, self-expression, and fulfillment.

For example, we might develop a habit of constantly seeking attention and validation from others to avoid feeling rejected or abandoned. This pattern of behavior can lead to manipulative or attention-seeking behaviors, which can ultimately damage our relationships.

In the [re]WIRED for Peace training, we explore the persistent ways of being and actions that show up when we operate from the Survival Context. These "rackets" include the need to be right, get approval, be safe or comfortable, and the need for control.

It's worth noting that "Racket™" is a trademark in the personal development field owned by Landmark Education Worldwide.

Racketeer - Transparency and accountability expose racketeers for who they really are

Find out more in one of our free introduction workshops:

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