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Retrain Your Parrot

Imagine there is a parrot caged inside your head from the moment you were born. It loves to learn words and sentences from everyone and everything, and tends to constantly repeat everything for you to hear. Your parrot—feel free to name it—tells you things, good and bad.

Your Parrot is Always Listening. Train Your Parrot Well.

It is important to understand how impressionable your parrot is, especially when you are a child. It picks up everything and repeats it back to you. The loudest stories and conversations your parrot has are usually the ones that don’t serve you so well in life. The parrot loves these stories and has learned to love drama over the years. This is because the world we live in today promotes this.

But there is hope! At its core, your parrot is neutral and can still learn; it still picks up conversations and stories all the time. All you have to do is train it! Train it to say something different—to tell you things that will support you, stories and conversations that will support your vision and your dreams.

If we were ego-less people, we may argue that we would not even need the parrot to tell us anything, but let’s face it; we are not! So our best bet is to use our awesome parrot to create world peace with us.

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