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Self-worth - Transformational Distinctions

Self-worth, in the context of transformation, is the acknowledgement of our inherent wholeness and connection to universal abundance, as well as our commitment to integrity and honoring our word. It is a distinct perspective that recognizes our innate state of being "whole, perfect, and complete," grounded in the encompassing abundance and integrity that permeates all aspects of life.

Despite this inherent worthiness, we may experience a lack of worth resulting from limiting beliefs. In transformational trainings like [re] WIRED for Peace, we explore beliefs about self-worth, whether they are limiting or empowering, in order to bring awareness and align them more closely with the truth of our intrinsic value.

From this perspective, transforming a limiting belief of unworthiness requires a dedicated commitment to giving our word and honoring it. By making promises to ourselves and others and following through on them, we enhance our self-worth. Conversely, when we fail to keep our word, our self-worth diminishes.

Therefore, the most effective way to experience and express the worth that we already are is to give our word to ourselves and others and honor it. Practically, this can be exemplified by making a daily commitment to specific tasks or practices, such as meditation, exercise, or spending quality time with loved ones. Each time we keep our word, we reinforce our connection to our inherent worth, while breaking our word depletes our self-worth.

The awareness and conscious choice to transform and reframe our beliefs about worthiness is within our own power and responsibility. It involves the commitment to give our word and honor it consistently, thereby reinforcing and experiencing the worth that already resides within us. Through this process, we can cultivate a profound sense of self-worth and embody it in our lives and interactions with the world.

Walk your worth - Quote Jo Englesson

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