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Updated: Oct 5

Transformation - Transformational Distinction

Transformation is an act of invention and distinguishing that opens up infinite possibilities for creation. It determines how we relate to the world and our place in it.

As an act, transformation involves consciously choosing a perspective, taking a stand, or inventing a possibility that is workable for everyone involved in a win-win context. This becomes possible when we have breakthroughs in our own awareness and understanding, resulting in a profound shift in how we see ourselves, our environment, and our relationship to the whole.

This sudden shift in awareness opens up a space for us to reevaluate, reinvent, and redesign our pre-existing beliefs and assumptions, providing an opportunity to invent or reinvent life and generate from the space of possibility where our life is occurring.

Transformation is never definitive; it is like a moving, living, and evolving organism that holds the keys to our very being and the possibility for our full surrender to what is in any given moment. Thus, as a result, transformation is how we view ourselves, the world, and our place in it in any given moment. From this perspective, we can understand, sustain, and share transformation, but we can never be fully transformed.

Transformation happens in relationship - rewired for peace

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